Staying Stuck: On Wanting to Be Further Along

The Challenge: What Didn’t Help

One thing that has kept me stuck in the past is thinking that I should be in a different place than I was.  I wanted to be further along, more successful, and more accomplished.  Compounding the issue, I would sometimes compare myself to other people.

This thought process has never been helpful for me.  It led me to beating myself up, and sometimes I became jealous of the people I compared myself to.  I have since learned that these thoughts and emotions created feelings of unworthiness on a subconscious level.

On a conscious level, I didn’t associate these things with unworthiness.  I experienced feelings of frustration and annoyance.  I didn’t think about it much beyond that.

Solutions: What Did Help


Forgiving myself for being exactly where I was (as opposed to where I thought I should be) was crucial for my healing process – and for getting unstuck.

No More Comparing

I stopped comparing myself to others.  When I noticed I was comparing myself to someone else, I stopped for a moment.  I took a deep breath.  I let the thought go.

When I got better at this process, I found I could allow myself to be happy for the other person.

When I got even better at the process, I realized that if someone had something I desired, it meant that what I desired was possible for me, too.

Focus on Creating

I allowed myself to focus on what I wanted to create for myself.  Getting clear on what I wanted helped me get unstuck, too.  One question I asked myself was: Do I want this thing, or do I feel like I should want this thing?  Asking questions like these has been very helpful for me.

On My New Program, Becoming Unstuck

Yesterday I opened registration for people to join my new program, Becoming Unstuck.  It’s a group coaching and healing program where I will compassionately support participants to take consistent action on a 3-month project of their choice.

If you would like to ask me questions about it, I’d love to have a conversation with you.  Please email me at to set up a chat.  You can also learn more at 

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