3 Reasons Why I Love Working with Healers and Coaches

I love to work with healers and coaches!  I always have.  My sessions seem to take on a new magic.  I am excited to share with you why healers and coaches are some of my favorite clients.

Seeing Things in a New Way

One thing that is fascinating about working with healers and coaches is that there is always a specific reason why clients choose to work with me.  It usually has to do with things I have experienced, gone through, or overcome.  Sometimes it has to do with things that I am currently working on.

When I work with clients who are coaches and healers themselves, this work becomes even more specific and nuanced.  I will often receive insights about work I’ve already done on myself but at a deeper level.  This is especially important for my own growth because of how I process things.  When I’m processing something, the first step is always awareness.  This usually comes in the form of someone pointing something out to me.  Over the course of days, weeks, and sometimes months, I will be reintroduced to the concept.  If it’s not something I’m actively working on, it seems new, a delightful new way of looking at the world or myself.  The final step is an aha moment that usually results in a decision.  I hear something, see something, or think about something in a different way, and all of the sudden, things become crystal clear to me.  I know exactly how to proceed.  I make a decision, and I start taking action toward that decision.  This process is amazing for both me and my clients because our progress often seems to happen at roughly the same time.

Mutual Healing is Ramped Up!

When I was learning Reiki, my teacher emphasized that both the healer and the client would benefit from the Reiki session.  This is an extremely important point.  I have talked to some healers that are wary of using their gifts because they feel drained at the end of the session.  When I was less experienced at healing, I would experience that sometimes, too.  I have come to realize that that meant I was doing it wrong.  With Reiki, for example, the practitioner is utilizing universal life energy.  If the practitioner draws for their own personal energy instead of universal life energy, it results in a depleted feeling.  This sometimes even results in the practitioner becoming very sick.  If the practitioner draws from universal life energy, they will feel energized at the end of the session.

Theta healing takes the idea of mutual healing to a whole new level.  When I do a Theta healing session with a client, we will explore fears, beliefs, and energies that are not serving them, their expansion, and their growth.  When I do Theta healing with clients, I sometimes notice my own fears, energies, and beliefs that feel triggering or sticky.  When I formulate a clearing statement for the client, I always have the option to accept the same work for myself.  It’s essentially me saying, “Me too!  I want this, too!”

We Share Values

I like working with healers and coaches because as a coach and healer, I often feel a shared value system.  Personally, I find it pleasant and enjoyable to work with people that share my values.  Most coaches and healers I have encountered have spent large amounts of time and effort – sometimes even decades – working on themselves.  The key values that we seem to share are: (1) a commitment to learning, (2) a commitment to personal growth, and (3) a commitment to teaching or leading.  Simply put, I enjoy being around people with these values.  When I spend a lot of time around people with these values, I show up as a better version of myself.

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