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Perspective Series: Feeling Safe at Work

The Background: Why I’m Writing This Post I recently applied for and interviewed for a new job.  Yesterday, I received the notification that the job had been offered to someone else.  In the past, this situation usually brought up feelings of rejection, sadness, and unworthiness.  I am so happy to realize that I didn’t feel […]

Why Shielding is Life-Changing

Sign that says "Bad Vibes" with a diagonal line across it and text that reads: Why Shielding is Life-Changing

What is Shielding? Shielding is a way of using energy to protect yourself from external energies. Why Shielding is Life-Changing Shielding is important from time to time for everyone.  Sometimes people get overwhelmed when there are too many other people around, when they are dealing with criticism (constructive or not), or when things just seem […]