What a Theta Healing Session is Like

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What is a Theta Healing Session?

A Theta Healing session is a healing session that allows you to explore and clear subconscious limiting beliefs.  These are beliefs that you may not be aware of that are holding you back, keeping you stuck, and making it difficult to live your best life.

Theta Healing is especially good for working with issues around forgiveness and acceptance.  It can be used to clear up energy around traumatic events.  It is also really good at changing up repeating patterns in your life.

When you release all of these yucky things, you are able to make new choices, and this will lead to new results in your life.

What To Do Before a Theta Healing Session

Before your Theta Healing session, consider what you would like to get out of the session.  When we begin, I will ask you what your intention for the session is.

Arrange to be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed or distracted.  Think of this session as a gift you are giving to yourself.

Eat light, healthy foods during the day before the session and be appropriately hydrated.  Adequate hydration will be especially important if you do any muscle testing.

If you like to take notes, have a notebook and pen available.  If you give me permission to record, you will receive a video of the session.  This will allow you to access the healings as many times as you would like.  This also makes taking notes not strictly necessary.

You will want to have water to drink during and after the session.  You may also want to have a box of tissues available.

The Theta Healing Session

The Theta Healing session will take place virtually over a Zoom call.

This work is powerful, and you may feel tender during the session.  I will hold compassionate space for you during our work together.

A belief in a higher power is required for this work.  I call this higher power “God” or “Creator,” and that is the wording I will use throughout this article.  As we work together, I will use whatever terminology you feel most comfortable with.

The basic format is simple.  I will start by asking you what your intention for the session is.  We will have a conversation, and I will ask you several questions.  We will uncover limiting beliefs that are not serving you.  I will ask God to change those beliefs, and those beliefs will be changed instantly.

The Clearing Statements

“Clearing statements” refer to statements that I will use when I ask God to change your beliefs.

I will ask you if you would like to receive the work.

If you do not want to receive the work for any reason, you simply say “no.”  If you do not want the work done, I will not do it, and I will not question why you do not want the work done.

If you would like to receive the work, you say “yes” out loud.

I will often clear several statements at the same time.  When I do the work, you will see me close my eyes.  I will ask Creator to change these beliefs to whatever is in your highest and best good.


Some of the clearing statements I use are:

Change what prevents me…

Change what obligates me…

  • In this usage, the word “obligates” means you do not have a choice.
  • An example from my life that was cleared is: “I am obligated to be rejected.”

I forgive…

  • Sessions tend to include a lot of self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others.
  • Sessions may also include forgiving God, situations, or social institutions.

Remove the free-floating memories from the original event…

  • This statement is used for repeating patterns and traumatic events.
  • It may also be used to deal with social norms, past life patterns, and ancestral patterns.

Creator’s Definitions…

  • You receive these concepts on a subconscious level.
  • You will know that you are in alignment with the Definition.
  • The Definition is possible, it is safe, it is available right now, and it serves you.

Optional Step: Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a way to check in with your body to determine if something feels true or false.

In my Theta Healing sessions, I will sometimes ask you to use muscle testing in one of two ways:

  1. To determine if you have a particular belief.
  2. To determine if the work was successfully completed (i.e., the belief was changed).

I most often ask new clients to use muscle testing.  If you have not done it before, I will guide you through the process.  If you would like to learn more about muscle testing, please check out this blog entry: Muscle Testing: How to Use 2 Methods for Theta Healing.

As we work together more frequently, it is easier for me to use my intuition to guide the session.  As this happens, you will use muscle testing less frequently.

Aftercare of a Theta Healing Session

With Theta Healing, limiting beliefs are changed automatically on the subconscious level.  The beliefs are replaced with one that serve you better.

After the Theta Healing session is when the real work for you begins.  The beliefs have been changed, with new ones put in their place.  However, the habits have not yet changed.

Your next step is to become very conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.  The goal here is to have them be aligned with your new beliefs.

When you notice a familiar and unhelpful thought or emotion come up, you first acknowledge it.  Next, mentally thank it for how it has helped you in the past.  This will most likely be some form of protection.  Finally, allow yourself to choose a different thought or emotion.

This process may feel uncomfortable.  This is especially true if you have never done it before.  I have worked with this process extensively, and I still find it challenging sometimes.

I have needed to allow myself a great deal of grace as I implement the changes.  Giving yourself grace is going to be a key component of this process.

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