Prosperity Energy Healing

Prosperity Energy Healing Certificate

The Announcement

I am so proud to announce that I have been certified as a Prosperity Energy Healing practitioner from my teacher, Jolie Dawn, of Prosperity Queendom, Inc. 

What it Means

What this means is that I can offer Prosperity Energy Healing sessions, which uses hypnosis and visualization using metaphor to transform scarcity into prosperity in your life.  I am excited to play with this new tool as is as well as creating my own meditations using the tools that I learned. 

5 Core Energetic Hooks of Scarcity 

This meditation invites the recipient to get clear on how 5 core energetic hooks of scarcity have been keeping them stuck.  This portion is based on David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness work.  These core energetic hooks of scarcity include shame, guilt, apathy, grief, and fear.  I have found this work to be very deep and transformative.  

Releasing and Filling Back Up

This work is amazing because it works with the 5 core energetic hooks of scarcity, allowing the recipient to release them.  After releasing, the recipient is invited to visualize what it would be like to feel prosperous and abundant. 

The Challenges 

Although I am an experienced healer, I found this certification process to be  challenging.  In order to be certified, I needed to record a video of myself leading the prosperity energy healing meditation.  I followed a script as best as I could while also trying to make it my own.


One key challenge that I found myself facing was comparing myself to my teacher, Jolie Dawn.  I listened to a meditation that Jolie led, and it was so amazing!  As I went through the process, I realized that my energy and style were very different from hers and that I really needed to stop comparing myself with her and own my way of being. 


The script was lengthy; I wanted to include about 10 pages of 12-point typed text.  My original goal was to memorize the whole thing in the 3 weeks I had to complete my task.  I eventually came to terms that I would need to have some notes to refer to and that would need to be good enough.  I also revisited the issue of comparison with Jolie; I came to realize that Jolie had done meditations for much longer than I had and that it had to be OK that I was not perfect the first time I tried something like this.

Perfectionism also reared its ugly head when I actually recorded my video for submission.  I had well over 40 false starts.  I found myself unable to get past the first page.  Fortunately for me, my daughter, Rachel, was streaming on Twitch at the same time I was recording my video, something she had done several times before. 

I asked myself how Rachel would handle it, and I was able to release some of the perfectionism.  I created the video and submitted it, knowing that it was not absolutely perfect.  One rule of thumb that I will sometimes use in these scenarios is to ask myself: Is this 80% good enough, 80% the way I want it to be?  If the answer is yes, I will allow the process to be finished.  This is my way of being able to keep moving.  If things need to be 100% good enough, there are so many things I would not do!

Fear of Being Seen/Showing Up

The final challenge that I faced was a fear of being seen and showing up.  I have faced this fear before.  It was different this time because I was showing up and doing something that was outside of my comfort zone at the same time.  I allowed myself to feel these fears, and then I used techniques utilized in the meditation itself to release the fears.  


When I received my certificate this morning, I was so excited.  I had received some really positive feedback that I did a really nice job, being complimented on the time, energy, and devotion I gave to the process and also that I created a feeling of safety when I led the meditation.  I am so proud of myself for meeting the challenges I faced.  Being on the other side of the process, I feel so strong and so powerful.  I am so excited to add this technique to my toolbelt. 

What’s Next? 

I have been doing some work around an emotionally abusive relationship in my life.  I am exploring how these tools can be used and shared to help other people who have experienced something similar.  

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