Delving Into Myself

Delving Into Myself

For the past week, I have been delving deeply into the discovery of me.  I have done a great deal of this over the course of the past several years, but this week, I did it in a very conscious way.  The goal of this week’s discoveries was to get really clear on who I am and how I show up in the world.  I feel that this goal was achieved.  I feel very strong, confident, clear, and even fierce.  It is an amazing feeling.

The Methodology

I looked at myself from several angles this week, and I will describe each briefly below.

Gene Keys

I have never looked into this system before.  I started out by looking into my Life’s Work (42) and Purpose (56) Gene Keys.  I am hooked, and I look forward to learning more and more about my own hologenetic profile.  I have a tendency toward impatience, and I know that this will not work with this system.

Human Design

I am a 6/2 Projector, something I had explored just a little bit previously.  For this work, I only delved in a little deeper on what it means to be a Projector.  I find myself fighting with my strategy: Wait for the invitation.  However, I will acknowledge that my current strategy of doing all the inviting isn’t working out so well for me.  Maybe a new approach will be beneficial.  Again, I need to have patience, as only time will tell.


I have dabbled in astrology before, but I haven’t really delved very far into it.  Learning more was refreshing.  I learned more about my Sun sign, Aries; Moon sign, Sagittarius; and Rising Sign, Scorpio.  My biggest takeaway here is that I seem to create my own challenges, and that I am able to use these to create beautiful transformations.  Still, using Theta healing, I change what obligates me to create these challenges; thus, now I will have choice on whether or not I create them!


I answered a series of questions assigned to me and looked through my Narrative Time Line, which I had previously created.  I was looking for reminders of what really lit me up, things I liked to do and lost time at doing.  I reminded myself that a) I love to learn, and b) I love to have long, deep conversations with people.


I did not finish this part of the process – yet.  I look forward to asking a few more people some questions about my strengths and looking for things I may be missing.  This exercise felt very loving and a little indulgent.  I am so grateful for those who took the time to reflect back to me.

Only the Beginning

When I did this process, I fell in love with both the process and myself.  I look forward to continue to explore myself in this very conscious way.  I look forward to continuing to delve into the Gene Keys and human design.  And I look forward to conducting a few more interviews  .As a side note, I would recommend that everyone consider delving into a process like this.

Other Tools I May Check Out/Revisit

Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram, Numerology.  Do you have any suggestions?  I did this work by reading through everything and feeling into what fit and what did not at this point in my life.  I really do enjoy considering all of these different perspectives, taking in what works, and rejecting what does not.

My Takeaways and Ahas

It feels like all the activities were giving me the same sort of messages.  Some important notes are:
• I have been learning to develop a service-based leadership, and this fills me with purpose and gives me a lot of joy.
• I need to choose which projects are most deserving of my energy so I can truly commit and finish what I start.  That being said, many of my false-starts are recycled and show up in new ways.
• AHA – I have a tendency to create challenges in my own life.  And I overcome them as I learn about the power of transformation.  Being able to be patient and willing to submit are key to me, and these are two things that I have traditionally found quite challenging.  I tend to want what I want and want it now.  And I have a tendency to want to control things.  All that being said, these experiences allow me to help others handle whatever is holding them back.
• I have an independent streak, & this can lead to trouble in accepting others’ authority.  One thing I need to do is talk things over with others to come to my decisions; this helps me to connect with my authority.  Having open centers (a Human Design thing) also leaves me vulnerable to conditioning by others (maybe why I don’t like accepting authority?)
• I am honest and direct, and I expect the same from others.  I create a safe space for people, where they feel listened to and feel like they can tell me anything.  Using a gentle and humorous approach, I am able to show others how their problems are really wonderful opportunities.  I can see the big picture and help other people see it, too.  I naturally see the potential in others and can inspire them to be the best they can be!
• I love learning and teaching.
• I love myself, and when I am at my most authentic, I naturally draw people to me.  I connect with people through sharing my own experiences that have opened my own heart.

What’s With the Turkeys?

Finally, a brief explanation of the picture of turkeys at the top of the page.  There is a family of turkeys that has been hanging around my apartment complex.  I felt that I should add this picture that was taken yesterday to this entry.  Here are a couple symbolic meanings of seeing turkeys.  If you would like to read further, you can check out:

• So, when this spirit guide comes into your life, it’s time to share your blessings with the world. The turkey totem opens your eyes to the connection you share with the Earth.

• As a child of the Earth, you have many gifts and talents. Trust this spirit guide to open your mind to this reality.

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