Getting Back into the Game

I have been thinking, “I should write a blog post” for a few weeks now.In June, I had a few personal challenges that have kept me occupied.

Personal Challenges

Emotional Abuse

I re-realized that someone very close to me is emotionally abusive.  I had realized this before, and my mind allowed me, blessedly, to forget.  When the idea came up this time, I realized I had to make a choice between cutting off the relationship entirely or intentionally learn how to navigate it the best I could.  I have not come to a decision yet, although I have created strategies for navigating the relationship for now.


My family must move by the end of the year because by that time, we will no longer qualify for financial assistance at our current apartment complex.  We had been hoping to purchase the house, and we found that it is currently a seller’s market, with prices of houses being inflated.  Still, my husband and I applied for a mortgage, and we were denied.  We are now searching for suitable rentals.  Not qualifying for the mortgage was an emotional blow.  However, it is the uncertainty in our housing situation that has affected me most deeply.

Frustrations around Work, Purpose, and Society

I have felt frustrated in my 9-5 job because I feel like I am not giving the level of service I want to be giving in my work, and I do not expect this to change in the near future.  At the same time, I feel frustrated by the level of compensation I receive for my job.  My union just voted in favor of a contract that will give everyone at least $15/hour over the next 5 years.  Those who have worked for the company longer than I have see it as good movement forward. 

Overall, I still feel frustrated because even today $15/hour is not a living wage, and I feel passionate about the idea that everyone deserves a living wage.  I wonder what life would be like if everyone were paid a universal basic income, although I do not intend to go into that conversation here.

Effects of the Personal Challenges

With these personal challenges, I have felt stuck.  I have been using many tools in my tool box to work through these challenges.  I have done journaling, got out into nature, did breathing and meditation exercises, worked on my mindfulness, did Theta healing around the issues themselves, and did a lot of forgiveness work.  A lot of forgiveness work.  I have been moody and irritable, despite all these wonderful tools.  However, I feel like I am getting out of this funk I have been in.  A few specific things have helped me get on the other side of this funk.

What Worked: Getting Out of My Funk

Healing Session

I have been gifting myself work from other healers and coaches every month this year.  I received a sound healing session at the end of June.  I’d never done a full session of sound healing before, and I found it very enjoyable.  I also know that choosing to prioritize me was part of what helped here.

Support from Friends

I have felt blessed as many friends have reached out to offer help, support, and information.  I have asked questions on Facebook, and many generous people have given answers, suggestions, or love.  I am grateful for those who have offered a listening ear, kind words, encouragement, and suggestions on strategy.

Aha: Need to Show Up

I looked at where I was a few months ago; the world seemed bright and brimming with opportunities.  Someone recently asked me a very poignant question: What is broken or missing in your business right now?  I realized that what was really missing was me showing up – for both my life and my business.  Today, I make the commitment to show up to both.


Here’s the bottom line.  I am worthy of the things I want, and I deserve them.  I was in a funk, experiencing some very heavy emotions.  Ultimately, these helped me get clear on what I really want.  And now I make the commitment to show up – for my life and for my business.  I get to create the life I choose.

What about you?  Have you been in a funk?  Is there somewhere where you could use support?  I will sometimes reach out to people if I get an inkling that it would be a good idea.  If you need something specific, though, please feel free to reach out.  If I am able to support you and if it feels good to do so, I most likely will.

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