Random Facts

Hello, my name is Michelle Nichols, and I have decided to start a blog.  I plan to use it when I have something I would like to share.  Since I already wrote an “About Me” section for my webpage, I thought it would be fun to start off with a list of random things about myself.  So, without further ado, here we go!

1. I love to learn!  My favorite topics are personal growth, spirituality and religion, and health and wellness.

2. I have held several different jobs.  I have worked in offices, in schools (both K-12 and college level), in restaurants, at a hotel, at a grocery store, at a theater, and at an apple farm.

3. The family members in my household are:
Chris – husband
Rachel – daughter
Ava – cat

4. My zodiac sign is Aries.  My birthday is April 15.

5. I love energy work, and I created my own energy healing modality, Soulfull Integration.

6. My core values are:
Cultivating meaningful relationships
Making a difference
Financial independence

7. According to my Human Design, I am a Projector 6/2.  I know very little beyond that!

8. My favorite gemstone is labradorite.  My dream home includes labradorite countertops.

9. Green is my favorite color.

10. The book I am reading right now is You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero.

11. My favorite genre of fiction books is fantasy.

12. I am empathic, and I am highly intuitive.

13. I would rather have a deep conversation with one person than hang out in a group.

14. I enjoy doing various crafts.  I sold my bead work at craft shows for many years.  This is an example of a 3-D beaded dragon I did.

15. I don’t enjoy small talk, but I can do it very well if I need to.

16. The biggest items on my wish list right now are:
A house
A new car
Working with Tanza Elin Stahl – Psychic Biz School
A blue or brown recliner with heating and massage capabilities.

17. I love the concept – but not the practice – of being outdoors.  For example, I love to be around trees for about five minutes, and then I like to go inside.

18. Every morning, I write two pages of stream-of-consciousness writing.  I’ve done this practice for about five years now.

19. I am very creative and can figure out how to do anything I set my mind to.  My challenge now is to find easier, more straight-forward ways to do things, as I have had a tendency to overcomplicate things.

20. I love to people watch.  I love people, and I find them fascinating.

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