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About the Events

I will be offering several events this year.  Most of these will be virtual presentations or interviews, and they will be conducted through Zoom.  

These presentations will cover a wide variety of topics, including spirituality, holistic healing, metaphysics, and health and wellness. 

There are two ways to attend these events: 

  1.  Join The Gathering of the Mystics Facebook Group.  Links to the Zoom session and recordings of the presentations will be posted to the group.
  2. Register for event you are interested in.  Links to the Zoom session and recordings of the presentation will be emailed to the email address you provide.
Join the gathering of the mystics Facebook group

The Events and the Presenters

There are no upcoming events to list at this time.  I will not have an event in July, and I am starting to plan August’s presentation.  Please check back soon!